Flora November 2021

Flora Cedro SonOro*IT

Flora Cedro SonOro *IT
5,5 month

Flora Cedro SonOro *IT
5,5 month

Breeder : Michaela Bianchi 

Cedro SonOro Cattery,Italy

dob. 2021-03-29

SIB n 22 

Father is Far
Zhora Siberian Sapphire,

SIB n 22, 2020-03-13, UA/IT

Mother is Cedro Sonoro Druga,

SIB f 22, 2019-10-27, IT/IT

 Pedigree Sverak:


 Pedigree Pawpeds: 


 Hälsa / Health

Weight 2022 February 4,0kg

Bloodtype A/A by MYCATDNA

Flora is not a carrier of B-blood by MYCATDNA

She is a carrier of CS

MYCATDNA test results www.wisdompanel.com/app/s/c4ldrz1

HCM  by ultrasound 2022-05-12

PKD ultrasound normal  2022-05-12

PKD1 Normal tested by MYCAT DNA

Pkdef Normal tested by MYCATDNA


Flora Cedro SonOro*IT 27-09-2021



Flora 5,5 month September 2021

Flora 5,5 Month

Flora 5,5 month

Flora 4 month

Flora 4 month

Flora 4 month

Flora 3 month

Flora 3 month

Flora 3 month

Father is Zhora Siberian Sapphire*UA/IT

n 22

Mother is Cedro SonOro Druga *IT

dob. 2019-10-27
f 22

Baby Flora

All photos of Flora is so far taken by her breeder Michaela Bianchi.

Thanks for trusting us with your beautiful baby girl Michaela:)

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